The Doriath pipe is an elegant Danish style pipe with beautiful grain highlighted by a chocolate stain that was partially sanded off to add the perfect contrast with the mammoth ivory accent and grey swirl stem.  This pipe is made with an Italian briar plateaux, a mammoth ivory accent, and a hand-cut SEM German ebonite stem with a delrin tenon for a smoother and tighter fit. The pipe has a beautiful plateaux on the bottom of the pipe and is balanced just right so that it will stand upright on its own. All of the pipe’s airways line up perfectly giving it a perfect draw and allows for a pipe cleaner to pass through smoothly.

Height: 1 7/8 inches
Width: 2 inches
Tobacco chamber depth :1 5/8 inches
Tobacco chamber width: 13/16 inch
Weight: 2.9 oz


Doriath was an Elven realm in land of the Sindar. Artanor was its prior name and meant, ‘The Land Beyond’. It was renamed Doriath when Thingol established his realm there. Doriath was located in the middle of Beleriand.


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