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Handcrafted Tobacco Pipes

Currently I am backed up on custom orders and I do not have any items available. I will hopefully add some new items next March-April.

Keeping the Craft Alive

Howdy and welcome to Frassati pipes. Here at Frassati pipes my goal is to provide you with a beautifully crafted pipe that is both exceptionally well made and adds more value to your pipe collection all at an affordable price. Whether you are just starting out with your first pipe or are adding to an already impressive collection, you will be well pleased with a fine Frassati addition.

All briar pipes are hand carved using premium Italian briar that has been aged between 4 months and a year before I begin the process. Each pipe is made with a hand-cut German ebonite stem with a delrin tenon to provide the stem with a tighter fit and longer life. 

Along with my briar pipes I also modify various Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes and I make a few pipe rests from select Grecian Makis and occasionally some pipe tampers. Feel free to contact me about a custom briar pipe, corn cob pipe or pipe rest.

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